Why Do We Only Do Electrolysis And Not Laser?

Because Electrolysis Is The Only Method Of Permanent Hair Removal That Is Recognized By The AMA & FDA. Furthermore, Electrolysis Has A Thick Record Of Safety & Effectiveness That Has Spanned Over 100 Years.

Is Electrolysis For Everyone?

  • Electrolysis Is A Permanent Hair Removal Solution
  • An Excellent Solution For Those Discouraged By The Unsuccessful Results Of Temporary Hair Removal MethodsMoney Back Guarantee
  • Perfect For Eyebrow Shaping And Treating Hairline Corrections
  • Electrolysis Is The Preferred Treatment For Combating Folliculitis

What Does Electrolysis Involve?

An Electrolysis Treatment Program Must Be Tailored To Meet Each Individual Patient’s Needs. Certain Factors Determine The Number And Length Of Treatments.

They Are:

  • Number Of Hairs In The Area
  • Sensitivity Of The Skin
  • Area To Be Treated

What Causes Hair Growth?

  • Heredity Is The Key Culprit
  • Stress
  • Reactions To Certain Medications
  • Glandular Or Hormonal Imbalances
  • Pregnancy
  • Normal Hormonal Changes At Different Stages Of Your Life
  • Excessive Waxing, Tweezing And All Temporary Methods Of Hair Removal

Is Electrolysis Safe, Effective And Approved?

Probe (Needle) Type Electrolysis Is The Only Safe Method Of Permanent Hair Removal That Is Recognized By The U.S. Food And Drug Administration (FDA). Other Methods Such As Laser Hair Removal Are Considered Permanent Hair Reduction.

What Do I Do About The Hair Between Treatments?

Do Not Pluck Or Wax! Just Trim The Hair With A Pair Of Scissors Or If That’s Not Possible Nip The Hair With A Shaver. Some Women Bleach The Upper Lip And Sides Of Their Face. Bleaching Is Fine As Long As You Bleach The Hair A Week Before The Appointment. Keep In Mind, The Bleach Could Cut Some Hairs Before The Appointment And Not All The Hairs Will Be Raised Up Enough Above The Skin’s Surface On That Appointment.